In the name of science? Swiss farmers have holes in cows

Developing technology has helped us understand the world better and make our lives easier. Although progress or profit always warrants any kind of research, in some situations scientists choose to make experiments that can be considered revolting or cruelty. Such a case is the case for Swiss farmers who have mounted cows on devices that control […]

5 curiosities about Venus (some even inexplicable)

6 species of animals that disappeared because people ate them

People are not always moderate, especially when it comes to tasty things. Although the disappearance of species has many causes, the extermination of some of them can be directly linked to the insatiable appetite of humans. In this article we present some species of missing animals that we have lost because of the monstrous and unhealthy appetite […]

Care tips for dry hair

Best Short Bob Haircuts

Bob hairstyles are for ladies, to look stylish, modern and chic at the same time. It’s getting really popular so bob hair is really versatile time trough, today we will show you the best examples of short bob hairstyles in this gallery. Now it’s time have a look at the best pixie-bob hairstyle ideas which will inspire you to get a shorter haircut […]

The mystery of Clairvius Narcisse, the Haitian who has been zombies for 18 years

On April 30, 1962, a man named Clairvius Narcisse presented himself at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti. He felt like “thousands of bugs crawled under her skin.” Seeing that the condition of the man is getting worse, doctors hospitalized him in the hospital. Two days later, the man was declared dead and the authorities issued the […]

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