Vatican kid kidnapped – The Mortar Affair, the scandal that divided the Catholic Church

He sealed a plant in a bottle 57 years ago. Today, the result is staggering

5 impressive structures built by animals

From Egyptians and Chinese to Michelangelo and Gaudi, the history of mankind is full of brilliant architects who have designed some of the most impressive buildings. And yet, people were not the first beings to have built their own dwellings. At a time when people were still living in huts, some animals had been building complex […]

This is Matusalem, the oldest fish in the world in captivity

The Aquarium of the Academy of Sciences of San Francisco, California, lives a creature worthy of the Book of Records . Baptized Matusalem by scientists, the 1.2 meter long animal is the oldest fish in the world in captivity. Matusalem was brought from Australia in 1938, when it already had the size of an adult.That’s why experts […]

32 key combinations that will make it easy for you to work with your computer

Regardless of the operating system you use on your computer, the keyboard hides a lot of secrets, which can ease your work and increase work speed and productivity. That, of course, if you know the most “happy” key combinations. That’s why we’re introducing a list of 32 key combinations that will prove useful to any Windows […]

In a distant corner of the universe, Hubble discovered a smiling face

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