This is impossible for us. What is the most dangerous tunnel in the world?

It is probably the most dangerous tunnel in the world. Look at it and think it’s done “manually”.

The craze of the Chinese has always been amazing, but such a level of effort is totally unusual …

This tunnel is located in the Tian Shan Mountains, at an altitude of 1,700 meters, in Henan Province, China , and is called Gouliang.

It’s a fairly “young” trail. Its construction began in 1972. This “cave” has a length of over a kilometer and was dug directly into the rock.

Nearby is the village of Gouliang. This is where the name of the tunnel comes from.Namely, the name was given by the village craftsmen.

The most dangerous tunnel in the world

By the 1970s, the only way to access the village was through a small staircase on the rock.The staircase was so tight and uncertain that people were often falling empty.

One day the villagers decided that they could not go on like that and started building their own way. They dug it with the force of their arms, directly into the rock. The result: the most dangerous tunnel in the world.


It should be remembered that the inhabitants of Gouliang are very good stonemason craftsmen. They have not only stone houses but also furniture and even utensils for everyday use, such as cookware.

In order to be able to work, they sold their grain reserves and bought working tools.

No power tools! Just a chisel and hammer! In the beginning, there were 13 craftsmen. For 5 years, a 1,200-meter long tunnel, 5 meters high and 4 meters wide, carved into the rock.

On the most difficult portions, the daily advance was only 30 centimeters. The craftsmen also carved into the rock over 30 “windows”. These are the only way to illuminate the road, as there is no electricity here.

“Windows” have different shapes, round and square. During construction, about 26,000 cubic meters of rock were excavated.

Imagine how difficult and how dangerous this was: the risk of collapse was imminent.Unfortunately, many work accidents have resulted in loss of life. But that did not stop people.

Finally, on May 1, 1977, the tunnel was opened for circulation. Local authorities came to the inauguration, and officials were deeply impressed by the astonishing view.

As a result, the decision was made to turn this road into a tourism objective. Today, the small village, once forgotten by the world, is visited annually by thousands of tourists from around the world.

Also here are filming for many movies. More than 40 Chinese films have been cast in the area. After so many sacrifices, it can be said that it is a symbolic reward for titanic work.

Not for nothing, this road is called “the pearl of Tian Shan Mountains.” Some Chinese have seen in this work the “spirit of Chinese communism”: man has undergone nature through collective effort.


In a short time, they carved a tunnel into the rock and removed a huge amount of rock from it. This grueling process was also attended by women and children who helped bring the gravel.

The place is also ideal for foreign tourists. Locals are very hospitable and can be accommodated in any home for a modest amount.

The Guoliang tunnel is the most dangerous tunnel in the world. Many people crave South America to see Bolivia’s Death Road , where cycling can be an unforgettable adventure.

Perhaps it is in other parts of the world, but in no case is such a sport recommended in the Guoliang tunnel.

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