3 places of gloomy reminiscence, which people fear

Since they exist, people are in a perpetual exploration of the world. Curiosity, combined with the development of increasingly sophisticated technologies , has helped us to know almost every corner of the planet.

Yet, on Earth there are a few places where no foot of man can be traversed. Whether because they are dangerous or because they have a bad name, the three places that we present in this article keep them away even to the most courageous explorers.


1. The island where B herpes virus is at home


Morgan Island has 18 square kilometers and is near the coast of South Carolina. At first impression, you would say it is a good place for a relaxed vacation. But things are just over .

On the island there is a colony of monkeys infected with herpes virus B. This virus is deadly for humans.

The island hosts this colony, consisting of 3,000 Rhesus monkeys since the 1970s. Animals are used by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for research purposes.

Authorities have mounted panels on the island that tell people that access is forbidden


That’s why all monkeys living here are protected by federal law. Animals on the island contracted herpes B virus from an infected monkey who escaped from the Caribbean Primate Research Center.

Because he could not control the epidemic, the state government of South Carolina decided to reserve the island for research. This way, people are denied access because they may be infected.


2. The tomb of a Chinese Emperor unopened for two millennia


Until now, excavations have revealed thousands of terracotta soldiers


Dug inside a hill in China, the tomb of the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang Di has not been disturbed for over 2,000 years.

Experts believe that the artifacts in the place of life could elucidate the mystery of many historical events, but no one ever dared to explore it.

The tomb was discovered in 1974 by a group of farmers who came across a terracotta figure representing a natural-sized soldier.

People did not even suspect that their discovery would lead to the excavation of another 2,000 such statuettes. Experts estimate that 8,000 such soldiers could be found in the Emperor’s tomb.

Scientists have been working in this site for 40 years and have not yet touched the main part of the tomb where the emperor’s body is.

The ancient texts say the Emperor has created a whole palace inside the tomb. Inside, I say the writings, there are even ceilings that depict the starry sky.

It is obvious that any archaeologist would be delighted to discover such treasure. And yet, the place of life is viewed with much skepticism.

On the one hand, locals are convinced that he is being charged with negative energy because of the evil spirit of the Emperor.

They fear that once the tomb was opened, the spirit of the Emperor could come out and avenge those who disturbed him.

Moreover, a popular belief says the place of life is surrounded by a mercury river.

Not just superstitions have prevented people from exploring the emperor’s mausoleum.The excavation technologies we currently have are not advanced enough for such a mission.

“The fact that we did not fully explore the area is due, in part, to respect for the elderly.

But the truth is that no one at this time has the technology to excavate and explore the area properly, “said archaeologist Kristin Romey .


3. Nahanni National Park – mysterious disappearances and decapitations


In the midst of the wildlife of Canada, there is Nahanni National Park, popularly known as the ” Valley of the Headless Men”.

Of course, this sinister name has not been attributed to her in vain. Over time, many people have disappeared into the park and were beheaded.

For thousands of years, the place has been enveloped by mysteries and superstitions.Locals here believe that evil spirits haunt their forests.

Once, the Nahanni tribe lived here, whose members were famous for their violence. The locals say the tribesmen used to wear scary masks and armor, and they brutally beheaded their victims.

But at one point, the entire tribe disappeared mysteriously. Nobody knows what happened to him.

Those in the Nahanni tribe were renowned for their violence.


In the eighteenth century, the European merchants spread the news that the vast forests in Nahanni were sheltering vast reserves of gold and other riches.

Hosted by the desire to get rich, miners came here from all over the world. This is the time when the legend of the decapitated bodies was born.

It all started with two miners, brothers Willie and Frank McLeod. The two entered the forest and never came out, and their bodies were found later, decapitated.

Several similar incidents followed, and each time the bodies were found beheaded. The heads have never been found.

In addition to these sinister incidents, numerous disappearances have taken place in the park. Since 1969, 44 people have disappeared without traces in the frequent forests.

UFOs and mysterious lights have also been reported in the area. The culprits behind these disturbing incidents have not yet been discovered.



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