8 dangerous places on earth where – surprisingly – people live

Planet Earth is our home and sometimes it seems that every corner of it is inhabited.However, outside the comfort of the home there are places less favorable to human life.

In this article, we present 8 amazing places that seem (and are) dangerous, but which for those living them are “home”.

1. Castellfollit from Roca, Spain

Castellfollit de la Roca is a Spanish town in the province of Gerona. The small settlement is situated on the top of a cliff, which formed a volcanic lava solidified thousands of years ago.

Its length is about 1 kilometer and the height reaches 50 meters. According to 2010 data, 1048 people live here. It’s a beautiful place, but for many the rock is scary. If you’re sick of height, you probably have nothing to look for here


2. The monastery suspended Xuankong, China

This temple was built in the year 491 on a rock near the sacred heng mountain. It brings together the Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian altars.

Many rooms are located along the wall, and the cliff is the back wall of these buildings.Since 1982, this complex is protected as a national monument of China.


3. Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

This dream castle is located 817 meters high. Besides this, there is the ruins of a medieval fortress built between 1150-1200 and destroyed at the end of the 14th century. The current castle was built in 1840-1842 and currently belongs to the noble family of Urach. It contains a collection of old weapons and armor, open to visitors.


4. The Monasteries of Meteora, Greece

The location of the Meteora monasteries on the cliffs guarantees security in the event of invasion. Throughout history, there were 22-24 monasteries in the Meteora, many of which are now in ruins.

Today, there are only six monasteries: four nuns and two monks.


5. Kalapana, Hawaii

In 1986, after a volcanic eruption, the lava turned this place into a ghost town. But, despite the fact that access to the city was closed, some still live here. According to the 2010 data, there are 35 houses in Kalapana.


6. The houses of the tribe of Korowais, Indonesia

In the southeastern part of the Indonesian province of Papua, the Korowais tribe lives.These people are famous for their habit of building houses in trees at very high heights, sometimes reaching 50 meters above the ground. In this way, the tribe is rescued by floods and attacks by hostile tribes that kidnap women and children.


7. Chalet Solvay, Switzerland

This cottage is located 4003 meters above sea level and is on the climb to Matterhorn.Inside the Solvay cottage there are 10 beds and a radiotelephone, for those who need to pull their soul or stay overnight.

There is no food because you can only be there in extreme weather, bad weather.


8. Santos, the city of “demolished” buildings, Brazil

Looking at this wonderful landscape, you immediately realize that something is wrong. The blocks are inclined in a totally unnatural way, and the thought of living in them seems to be eccentric. It seems that during the building of the block of flats some mistakes have been made, which can not be corrected any more easily.

Because of the too low depth it was excavated, the foundation proved to be too weak for the height of the buildings. However, although buildings are “dancing” and it is clear that they are not at all safe, their courageous inhabitants do not move from there.


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