9 superpowers that only babies

1.A baby can triple his weight without getting fat

2 Hair may change drastically

Over time, children’s hair may change completely. The jerk with which a baby is born falls and places the new hair in place.

Because of this, blonde babies can become brown and the loops can be replaced by straight trunks.
The same can happen with eye color

3 They are very flexible

The skeleton of a baby has about 300 bones. Of these, only 176 are true bones – the others are cartilaginous and calcify and unite with others with age.

But before the bones are connected, the body of a newborn is very flexible. The baby needs this natural ability to go through the birth canal.

4 Newborns know how to crawl

Surprisingly, a newborn is entirely able to crawl to his mother’s breast. But for that to happen, you have to put it on your mother’s belly first.

According to science, infants are attracted to the smell of milk that lures them.

5 Babies have a natural focus

6 Babies sleep slightly

Many people think that when a newborn sleeps, he should go to the tip of his fingers and speak in whispers.

Young parents are usually amazed when they see their baby sleeping, despite the sounds of renovation or high volume music.

7 If it is necessary, babies can go on forever

Nasal passages of newborns are much narrower than adults. Therefore, they should be cleaned more often.

Because a baby can not blow his nose, he must use unconditional reflexes. So a newborn can walk without stopping until his nose escapes irritation.

8 Babies swallow and breathe at the same time

In infants, the larynx is located higher than in adults. When I swallow, the entrance to the respiratory tract is not blocked by epiglottis.

Therefore, when I swallow, newborn babies can breathe easily.

9 Babies feel great under water

This is called a reflex of diving or swimming. It disappears when babies reach six months.

When a child is immersed in the water, it naturally keeps breathing. Its members begin to swim.

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