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4 interesting things about China’s history you did not know

Vatican kid kidnapped – The Mortar Affair, the scandal that divided the Catholic Church

Curse of Thetis: The submarine sunk twice and lost two crews

7 drugs that changed the world

For thousands of years, people have swallowed the elixir, smelt vapors, and applied ointments in an attempt to heal. But only a few drugs have managed to fundamentally change medicine. Here are seven of these treatments along with some interesting things that will surprise you. 1. Paulescu’s pancreas? Discovery of insulin has undoubtedly been a major […]

Master of the Seas – 5 things in brief about the fascinating world of the Vikings

For centuries, simply speaking of the word “Vikings” has caused panic among Europeans.Although they are renowned for their cruelty, these people were far more than a nation of persecutors. The Vikings have created elaborate commercial routes and have settled in many of the territories they have conquered. They were sophisticated warriors and navigation experts, stirring the […]

The Papin Sisters – The killer menace that shook France

5 legendary cities swallowed by the waters and the disturbing secrets they hide

Aloe Vera, the plant of immortality. What the ancients knew about “youth without old age”

10 the most brutal methods of execution created by the human mind

History of Medicine – 5 Dangerous Treatments That Hurried Patients’ Death

Medicine has made stunning advances in the last hundred years. Medical knowledge has advanced considerably, and technology helps diagnose diseases more quickly. But things have not been so in the history of medicine. Because of the lack of information, doctors recommended patients with dangerous treatments that did more harm than good. Here are some bizarre and extremely […]

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