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5 legendary cities swallowed by the waters and the disturbing secrets they hide

Aloe Vera, the plant of immortality. What the ancients knew about “youth without old age”

Named by the Egyptians the “plant of immortality” and appreciated by many civilizations, Aloe Vera is known today for its properties. For millennia, the miraculous plant has been used to treat over 50 diseases, from obesity to burns, dermatitis, ulcer and asthma to diabetes, acne and even leprosy. Aloe Vera is composed of 95% water, but […]

10 the most brutal methods of execution created by the human mind

Over the millennia, people have traced many terrible ways of killing those who violated the law, those against the regime, or the undesirables. Most of the time, the convict went through terrible pains and agony was prolonged as long as possible. In this article we present the most brutal methods of execution used in the past.Fortunately, […]

History of Medicine – 5 Dangerous Treatments That Hurried Patients’ Death

Medicine has made stunning advances in the last hundred years. Medical knowledge has advanced considerably, and technology helps diagnose diseases more quickly. But things have not been so in the history of medicine. Because of the lack of information, doctors recommended patients with dangerous treatments that did more harm than good. Here are some bizarre and extremely […]

Queen Ranavalona I, the greatest murderer in history

History is full of leaders who have become famous because of the tyrannical and inhuman thirst to dominate. Some have killed millions of people out of unpopular desire to hold absolute power. But few have approached the degree of brutality and sadism of a woman. It was Queen Ranavalona I and cruelly led the island of Madagascar for more […]

Petrus Gonsalvus and the true story “The Beauty and the Beast”

We have all heard, at least once, the famous “Beauty and Beast” story . Historians have gathered around the world 23 variants of the story written in different epochs. The modern version was written by the French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740 and was made famous worldwide by Disney’s film in 1991. It is very […]

5 moments when alcohol changed history

Alcohol has its own history, as old as civilization. From the early cultures of barley and grapevines to the distillation of the most modern beverages, alcohol has helped us to drown ourselves and celebrate triumphs. In the course of history, alcoholic beverages have had important effects. Whether it is rum, vodka, wine or beer, alcohol has accompanied […]

5 strange habits of our ancestors, which today make us laugh

From shoes with 50-centimeter platforms to post-mortem photography, we present some strange (even very strange) habits of people who lived in past centuries. If you thought people in the past were less eccentric than we did, let them know you were wrong. Whether it was fashion or traditions, our ancestors were as surprising and inventive as […]

Who ate the Sun? 5 ways in which the civilizations of the world have explained their eclipses

In the absence of a scientific explanation, the apparent disappearance of the Sun (or the Moon) during an eclipse would be a frightening event. Throughout history, eclipses have been seen as a disruption of natural order, and many thought they were bad signs. Many ancient peoples had spiritual explanations (which are popular today) for solar and […]

5 of the most strange disasters of all time

History of humanity abounds in deadly earthquakes, floods, storms, airplane crashes, and other such incidents and tragic accidents. In some cases, the forces of nature are combined with bad luck and give rise to great misfortunes. In this article, we present some of the strangest disasters of all time. Fortunately, not all lost lives. The Great Boston […]

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