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The mystery of Clairvius Narcisse, the Haitian who has been zombies for 18 years

On April 30, 1962, a man named Clairvius Narcisse presented himself at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti. He felt like “thousands of bugs crawled under her skin.” Seeing that the condition of the man is getting worse, doctors hospitalized him in the hospital. Two days later, the man was declared dead and the authorities issued the […]

5 archaeological discoveries that could rewrite the history of the world (including in Romania)

Modern history is witness to many astounding archaeological finds. Hundreds of exploded artifacts make us think and make us revisit our beliefs about the past. Many of these objects have been described as “anachronisms” or “unexplained objects”.These archaeological discoveries are always accompanied by controversy, especially because the academic world is very selective when it determines what […]

A stunning survival story at sea: 49 days in a hut, drifting drifting

Aldi Novel Adilang, a young man in Indonesia, endured a terrible time on the ocean, drifting over 1,900 kilometers drifting in a floating hut. After passing through many moments of frustration and desperation, Aldi was rescued and told of the terrible survival experience he had faced. Aldi, aged 19, has an amazing story. He was working on […]

All eyes to heaven: “A strange object in space is approaching Earth”

In the summer of 2017, a mysterious object whose origins are unknown will pass the second time to Earth. The enigmatic object moves at variable speed, slowing down and accelerating gradually, and has a luminosity and an outward orbit. The object is known as 1991 VG and was discovered on November 6, 1991 by astronomer James Scotti. So […]

13 mysteries of the world that we probably will never decipher

Have you heard of these mysteries of the world? Our planet will never cease to surprise us.There are many things and places that can not be analyzed or explained. These are still a mystery to mankind and that is why it continues to attract our attention.We present 13 places, incredible things and phenomena, about which thousands […]

The mysteries of millions of mummified animals in ancient Egypt

Around 1500 BC the Egyptians began to mummify animals on a large scale. That’s why, over the last 150 years, archaeologists have discovered millions of mummified animals in Egyptian sacred sites. It is known that the Egyptians worshiped and mummified cats in particular. But they conserved a whole variety of other animals, including goats , gas, baboons, dogs, […]

Jon Brower Minnoch, the fattest man ever to live

Most of the performances recorded in the Book of Records are outdated over time. But there is a record that has remained unchanged in the last 40 years, the world’s fattest man. It’s about the record set by Jon Brower Minnoch. Throughout his life, his weight fluctuated between 131 pounds and 635 pounds. The fattest man had a […]

5 cursed objects that really exist

Every object has its own story. Just like people, some of these stories are mysterious or dark. Behind the objects or artifacts transmitted from generation to generation are sometimes hiding stories really scary. We present you five cursed objects, whose stories even made the skeptics believe in the supernatural.   1. Cursed car of James […]

The Alaska Triangle – The mysterious place where 16,000 people have already disappeared

We have all heard stories about the mysterious disappearance of planes and craft in the Bermuda Triangle (or the Devil’s Triangle). This is an ocean surface located between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. But these legends can not be compared to the very realistic disappearances that have taken place in Alaska for decades. There is a wild and very […]

5 enigmas that scientists can not explain

Since ancient times, people have tried to explain the many miraculous things seen on our planet. Most of these now have scientific explanations. Yet, there are still some phenomena shrouded in mystery that “stubbornly” escape human understanding. Here are five telling examples. 1. The Bimini Roads, part of the Old Atlantis? In the 1930s, American medium Edgar […]

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