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What our ancestors believed was on the edge of the Earth

VIDEO – how we can avoid them and a short history of telephone interceptions –

5 amazing cases of animals raised by animals (in Romania)

5 riddles that science can not explain

The mystery of Clairvius Narcisse, the Haitian who has been zombies for 18 years

5 archaeological discoveries that could rewrite the history of the world (including in Romania)

Modern history is witness to many astounding archaeological finds. Hundreds of exploded artifacts make us think and make us revisit our beliefs about the past. Many of these objects have been described as “anachronisms” or “unexplained objects”.These archaeological discoveries are always accompanied by controversy, especially because the academic world is very selective when it determines what […]

A stunning survival story at sea: 49 days in a hut, drifting drifting

All eyes to heaven: “A strange object in space is approaching Earth”

13 mysteries of the world that we probably will never decipher

The mysteries of millions of mummified animals in ancient Egypt

Around 1500 BC the Egyptians began to mummify animals on a large scale. That’s why, over the last 150 years, archaeologists have discovered millions of mummified animals in Egyptian sacred sites. It is known that the Egyptians worshiped and mummified cats in particular. But they conserved a whole variety of other animals, including goats , gas, baboons, dogs, […]

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