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10 wonders of nature that few people have come to know

The Grand Canyon, the Everest Peak or the Great Barrier Reef are undoubtedly the wonders of nature. They are so famous that any man passionate about the beauties of the surrounding world has heard of them. But, besides these wonderful places, there are others, as spectacular, but much less famous. In this article we invite you to discover ten […]

7 things out of the ordinary, but considered normal in other countries

Each country has its own laws, traditions and special rules that may seem strange or even shocking to those from other cultures. Our world is stunning and unique and there are enough arguments to support this conclusion. So, here are seven habits of other cultures that confirm that mankind is in fact a fascinating and endless […]

This is impossible for us. What is the most dangerous tunnel in the world?

Mysterious formations in Bulgaria: Stone Pobiti Kamani

Some formations in the shape of stony, imposing and strange columns of stone, surround the desert landscape in northeast Bulgaria, near Varna. In some areas, stone pillars resemble some petrified trees. In other areas, the columns are wrapped in up to five layers of limestone. Many know these formations under the name Pobiti Kamani, which translates to ” […]

Passage du Gois, the road that disappears twice a day

8 dangerous places on earth where – surprisingly – people live

Planet Earth is our home and sometimes it seems that every corner of it is inhabited.However, outside the comfort of the home there are places less favorable to human life. In this article, we present 8 amazing places that seem (and are) dangerous, but which for those living them are “home”. 1. Castellfollit from Roca, Spain […]

The man who built his own mountain on the roof of a block

The village where crocodiles and people live together in harmony

In many cultures around the world, animals are revered or even revered. While the Hindus worship the cows, which they consider sacred, locals in an African village honor a crocodile species. Things went so far that people live with these frightening creatures in perfect harmony.   Legend of rescue crocodiles In Burkina Faso, just 30 kilometers from the […]

Human Holes – The village that moved under the Vietnam War

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