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5 spectacular underground cities around the world

From the need to protect themselves in times of crisis, people have built hundreds of underground cities all over the world. Some have been excavated thousands of years ago, by long-lost peoples, and they have a majestic architecture. Others have been built recently and, surprisingly, they are still sheltering large groups of people. In this article we […]

Architecture splendor – 5 of the most futuristic buildings in the world

The strangest place in the world – The Nemo Point, the spaceship cemetery

10 wonders of nature that few people have come to know

7 things out of the ordinary, but considered normal in other countries

This is impossible for us. What is the most dangerous tunnel in the world?

Mysterious formations in Bulgaria: Stone Pobiti Kamani

Some formations in the shape of stony, imposing and strange columns of stone, surround the desert landscape in northeast Bulgaria, near Varna. In some areas, stone pillars resemble some petrified trees. In other areas, the columns are wrapped in up to five layers of limestone. Many know these formations under the name Pobiti Kamani, which translates to ” […]

Passage du Gois, the road that disappears twice a day

3 places of gloomy reminiscence, which people fear

8 dangerous places on earth where – surprisingly – people live

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