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Five visionary inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

This technology reads your thoughts and reproduces what you see

Does the noise elicit when someone eats? You may have a strange affection

Does the noise of chewing, swallowing, drinking, sorbing and other similar sounds produced by the human body irritate you? Are you screaming at people doing this or saying something rude to them? If you answered yes to these questions, you might suffer from a strange, little-known disease called misophony. When the sounds of others become unbearable Misophony translates […]

A Dutch company is training the crows to collect garbage from the street

The amazing things happening in your body when you are sneezing

Are we “programmed” to believe in God? The unexpected connection between religion and evolution

7 advanced (and very dubious) technologies that reveal Facebook’s hidden side

What does it mean to “shit”: 5 mental disorders that you have not heard before

Internal decapitation: The man who survived an extreme trauma (Watch video)

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