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5 curiosities about Venus (some even inexplicable)

6 species of animals that disappeared because people ate them

People are not always moderate, especially when it comes to tasty things. Although the disappearance of species has many causes, the extermination of some of them can be directly linked to the insatiable appetite of humans. In this article we present some species of missing animals that we have lost because of the monstrous and unhealthy appetite […]


Astonishing Manali stands out in one of the most well-known hill stations of India. Often you would possibly hear in style of poetry about pretty women that “God created her leisurely”. In addition, Manali is created in leisure time blessed with great splendor through god. The prettiness of Manali is boosted through the terrific Himalayas. A […]

10 people who have changed their body to the extreme

Body transformations due to plastic surgery have become commonplace nowadays.Celebrities resort to such operations to refine their face and body features. But some people who have changed their body have gone too far. We all have heard about Ken’s “dolls” and Barbie in flesh and bones. Well, these are not unique cases. Some turn to become vampires […]

8 missing species that could be brought back to life

Although the science of cloning is just beginning, many researchers believe it is only a matter of time before we face an extraordinary situation: missing species that could be brought back to life, walking again on Earth. To successfully clone such missing animals, scientists need to find intact DNA samples.That is why some species will […]

The fascinating phenomenon that occurs when a plant is injured

It turns out that our “green” brothers are more dynamic and more complex than we thought. Although they do not have a nervous system, the plants react like animals in the animal kingdom when attacked. According to recent research, plants use the same signaling molecules that animal nerve systems use. How do they do this? A revolutionary […]

9 spectacular animals that look like leaves ( Check video )

A 40,000-year-old colt, perfectly preserved, was discovered in Siberia ( Check video )

Siberia is an area where scientists constantly discover new things. This cold and hostile realm hides many treasures that can elucidate the mysteries of the past of mankind. Such a treasure was discovered recently in the Siberian permafrost. It is a fox of a species that has now extinct tens of thousands of years, discovered in perfect conservation […]

Seeking by all the villagers, an Indonesian woman was found in a 7-foot python

7 strange creatures that seem to come from an alien world

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