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9 superpowers that only babies

He sealed a plant in a bottle 57 years ago. Today, the result is staggering

5 impressive structures built by animals

This is Matusalem, the oldest fish in the world in captivity

5 curiosities about Venus (some even inexplicable)

6 species of animals that disappeared because people ate them

7 frightening creatures living in the abyss of the oceans

From multicolored fish to the huge blue whales, ocean waters are full of fascinating creatures. Some are so interesting that they are artificially created on the computer.Others, like jellyfish, delight in their movements of perfect elegance. Among the marine life are also creatures that can give you nightmares. They look more like horror movies and you probably […]


10 people who have changed their body to the extreme

Body transformations due to plastic surgery have become commonplace nowadays.Celebrities resort to such operations to refine their face and body features. But some people who have changed their body have gone too far. We all have heard about Ken’s “dolls” and Barbie in flesh and bones. Well, these are not unique cases. Some turn to become vampires […]

8 missing species that could be brought back to life

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