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  • 5+ years experience


    Develop a sustainable, cost competitive and affordable freight supply chain for TSIRC.

    Take lead on alternative method of logistics, within Council constraints in the region

    Drive the best logistics goals on cost, quality, delivery and ensure compliance and

    Date created: 16 August 2019

    Created by: Chief Operating Officer Reviewed by: People & Wellbeing


    Coordinate and monitor TSIRC strategic and economic development projects as directed by
    the CEO or COO

    Develop a sustainable, cost competitive and affordable freight supply chain for TSIRC.

    Develop a subsidised freight model for the Communities we serve

    Explore the opportunity to drive cost effective ideas in logistics operation and deliver targets
    to the business.

    Develop and look to Establish TSIRC freight warehouse operations, associated machinery,
    Incoming and outgoing freight consolidation and distribution in Cairns and Torres Straits

    Ensure councils obligations under the Local Government Act and other relevant legislations

    Ensure compliance with Workplace Health and Safety and ensure risks are identified and

    Identify and implement efficiencies and improvements to council’s current freight and
    logistics regime

    Provide input as required to the development and enhancement of TSIRC own source
    revenue opportunities.

    Manage a multi site logistics network

    Good communication skills to liaise with and work collaboratively with key internal and
    external stakeholders

    Participate in special projects and perform any other duties as required.


    Regular travel to the Torres Strait Islands is a requirement of this position.

    The preferred applicant may be required to apply for a National Police Certificate before

    TSIRC employees may be required to have immunisations as a control measure against infectious
    disease if there is a requirement to travel.

    The employee shall comply with relevant WHS legislation, Codes of Practice and Council’s
    Workplace Health and Safety Management System. Specifically, the employee shall be aware of,
    and comply with, WHS Responsibility Statement relevant to the position.

    Where the health and safety requirements of your duties are identified as high risk those tasks will
    be allocated according to your capability & level of training.

    The employee is expected to carry out their duties in accordance with the relevant legislation and
    Council policies including but not limited to:

    a. workplace health and safety
    b. anti-discrimination
    c. equal employment opportunity
    d. confidentiality

    2 | Torres Strait Island Regional Council Position Description – Strategic Projects and Logistics

    e. local government principles
    f. Ailan Kastom
    g. The TSIRC Values:

    Value Value Statement Desired Behaviours

    • We respect and exercise Ailan Kastom in everything

    we do

    We have respect for each

    • We are open and collaborative, valuing clear

    Respect other and the
    community engagement

    communities we serve.

    • We recognise and respect diversity, individual needs,

    experience and strengths

    • We encourage, value and reward creative thinking

    We are courageous • We respect and explore different ideas andCourage leaders, who think perspectives

    innovatively. • We embrace change and actively promote Council’s

    • We take pride in our work and pursue a standard of

    We are accountable and service excellenceAccountability responsive to our • We consistently strive for transparency and good
    communities. governance to the benefit of public interest

    • We are reliable, honest and ethical in all we do
    • We actively seek opportunities to continuously

    We are builders of a improve and bring growth to our regionResilience sustainable and resilient • We think globally, act regionally
    region. • We empower our people and communities;

    embracing local opportunity and participation

    • We show care for people and look out for each other
    • We speak up and support others to be safe and

    We are one team who
    One healthy

    achieves together.

    • We respectfully address behaviours that conflict with

    Council’s values


    Relevant tertiary qualifications and 5+ year’s experience relevant to the maritime/freight

    Demonstrated knowledge of the Torres Strait region and the logistical challenges faced by
    individuals and businesses

    Demonstrate established business networks within the Torres Strait region and its

    Demonstrate knowledge or the ability to acquire the knowledge of the Local Government
    Act 2009 and Local Government Regulations 2012

    Working knowledge of warehousing operations and material handling equipment
    Demonstrated ability to work as a team member in a multi-disciplinary team to deliver

    regional and local projects.
    High level of knowledge of software applications such as Microsoft Office Suite (e.g. Word,

    Excel and PowerPoint).

    3 | Torres Strait Island Regional Council Position Description – Strategic Projects and Logistics

    A comprehensive knowledge and understanding of languages specific to the Torres Strait
    including: Meriam Mer, Kala Lagaw Ya, and Creole would be highly desirable.


    Applications close at 5.00 pm on Friday, 30 August 2019.

    To apply for this position, please submit:

    A covering letter of no more than two (2) pages and your resume.
    Identify how your knowledge, skills, experience, personal attributes and qualifications are

    most relevant to the position.

    Email applications to:

    If you do not have internet access and are unable to submit your application online please contact
    Recruitment Officer, May Mosby on (07) 4034 5731 between 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, to
    enquire about alternative arrangements. Hand written applications will be accepted.

    Please note that late applications will not be accepted.

    4 | Torres Strait Island Regional Council Position Description – Strategic Projects and Logistics

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