Passage du Gois, the road that disappears twice a day

If you ever cross this road from France, and you can not find it again when you come back, do not panic. If you have a little patience, you will see him reappear in a few hours.

The road, called Passage du Gois, disappears twice a day. That’s because, outside of the reflux, he’s a few feet under water.

Passage du Gois, the underwater road

People in the past believed that, by the year 2000, we would all have flying cars.

Though this has not happened yet, we have the chances that in the future the flying machines will become reality. No one wants this much more than the inhabitants of Noirmoutier Island in France.

That’s because they would not have to pass on the Passage du Gois.

Passage du Gois was discovered in 1701. It is a narrow path made up of alluviums that have accumulated slowly over the centuries.

The road is accessible twice a day during the reflux.

If you want to circulate on it, you do not have to guess the time of the tide. At both ends of the road, authorities have mounted panels that inform travelers if the road is practical or not.

But, leaving aside the existence of the panels, you are traveling on this road at your own risk

A difficult route

The Passage de Gois is actually an alluvial deposit. Being submerged four meters under water for most of the day, the road tends to be slippery.

Therefore, drivers are advised to walk slowly and not to stop suddenly, and parking on this road is forbidden by law.

Passage de Gois is only practicable during the reflux, which takes about an hour. The route is accessible about half an hour before and after the reflux, so you have two hours to go safely.

Dangers all the way to the Passage du Gois

The dangerous nature of the road attracts many tourists every year, anxious to make this dangerous passage.

Every year, Passage du Gois loses more cars.

That is why at some intervals along the way, the authorities have mounted some pillars.

Thus, if they do not calculate the time of the trip well, those surprised by the waters can climb the poles to save themselves.

On this road there is a running race called “Foulées du Gois” every year.

Even if you do not like the risk and you do not want to try the crossing, the road attracts every day crowds of people who want to see it coming out of the salty waters of the sea.


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